A bit about me.


Hello fellow friends,

My name is Ngoc, but most people know me as Sam, Sammy, Sami or サミー. I grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam. I am a photographer, researcher and design manager. My research areas of interest include Psychogeography, Social Design, Visual Cultures and Japanology.

While I am not busy brainstorming ideas to solve a problem, I love to do Kendo (Japanese sword fighting), reading, hiking in the woods, contemplating the moon, taking pictures of friends when they don’t notice, composing haikus and having good conversations over coffee.

I’ve recently graduated from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London with a first-class honours degree in Design Management & Cultures.

At the moment, I’m doing attempting to constantly grow by:

– Writing, anything, for (at least) 15 minutes per day.

Get an ippon in an actual kendo match.

– Traveling as much as possible.

– Venturing out of my usual choice of books.

– Practicing Vipassana.

Reach me at: 

Email: trieungoc209@gmail.com

Website: Entangled Curiosity

Or visit my projects at: 

Kirakirawes Photography

People I’ve Met

Inside Out Vietnam

Thank you for stopping by!

+ Header photo: Tozando Kendo equipment shop in Kyoto, May 2013.

+ The site’s name ‘Entangled Curiosity’ reflects my worldview and approaches to professional practice. I believe that in order to embrace the beauty of the everyday knowns and unknowns, one must learn to notice design in the everyday environment, want to explore, realise that learning happens in unexpected places in informal ways, go beyond initial appearances or preoccupations, ask questions and most important of all, be relentlessly curious.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

London, 2017.


3 thoughts on “A bit about me.

  1. I find that writing and reading are like going in opposite directions. I can’t write if I read, or read when write. I want to read more and slower and this is the only activity, at this moment of life, I can do decently. I enjoy reading your articles.


    • I think I can understand your struggle. It’s been ages since I last found myself reading a decent classic while enjoying a cup of tea. I am on the Emily of New Moon series for months. I tend to save the good thing: a good read, a good movie; for when I am completely at peace. I don’t want to disrupt the flow with emails and phone calls and so on. Same thing when it comes to writing, which I haven’t worked on for a while. You see, all I do is academic. I’ve read a lot of non-fictions since college, for the sake of information and learning. But I’m trying to find new inspirations from travelling and happenings in life. Thank you for dropping by and reading my articles. I enjoy reading yours too 😀

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      • Funny, at this stage of life, I do not enjoy fiction as much. I can focus on non-fiction more, but fiction cannot keep my mind from wandering. Thanks for reading mine.


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