Video Green Part 1 Review


Photo by Daniel Marlos

Delivering a deliberately straight-laced art writing style in her first chapter of the book “Video Green: Los Angeles Art and Triumph of Nothingness”, Chris Kraus has given the readers an innovative perspective on arts through a wide range of aspects from historical case studies to recent artists, collectors, curators and critics’ sentiments. According to her, arts, through each different period of time, have a relatively distinctive aesthetics’ standard. Observing changes in the value of arts through hitherto art movements, art being commercialized in a professionalized production to Kraus what they call the processes of globalization and automation in post-capitalist society where the importance of specialization and a substance, material world take precedence over the ‘real’ ambiguous meaning of art.

Kraus continues with her shrewd and scathing opinions about art assessment that based on institutional critique, gender or race conscious, high-profile and academic background. Her critics may sound extremist albeit “Video Green” reflects her perceptive way of addressing the emptiness and hallucination in the way Los Angeles’s art is being shaped.

Kraus, C. (2004) Art Collection, Part 1: Thursday, April 9, 2003, Palm Springs, California . Video Green: Los Angeles Art and The Triumph of Nothingness. MIT Press.


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