Docklands Encounters


London is well-known for its signature gloomy and windy weather. Monday 14th October was no exception but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the Docklands Brompton Bike Tour along the river Thames with my fellow Design Cultures classmates.

For me, the experiences of encountering Docklands on the bike ride and through the historical display of Museum of London Docklands is pretty much comparable to the experiences of watching a football game playing the roles of both the audience and the coach. Being new to London has actually given me an advantage as it added a little bit extra to the special everything I encountered in this city. However, having such a narrow background knowledge put me in a relatively passive position of an uninvolved audience. Meanwhile, being the coach allows me to have an overview perception of the game as well as the most fundamental keys to access the privileged strategies in The City planning history.

Capturing London as a whole depicts a city of juxtaposition where historical scenes are placed side-by-side with modern-day. As the group walked and cycled on a particular designed path, I encountered myriads of buildings and objects with historic and architectural significance. There were time-worn warehouses, archaic buildings and bascule bridges of 19th century adjacent to the flashy skyscrapers of Canary Wharf, one of London’s two main financial centres. Considering The City planning objectives, these buildings are segregated regarding theirs functions. Nevertheless, London has done a fine job to preserve and enhance its heritage whilst promoting the highest standards of contextual and innovative design in a mixed environmental design. ​Hence, warehouses, despite theirs hundred years history, are perfectly maintained and used to serve the people’s needs in present-day society.


Monika leading the group 


Greenland dock


Fragments displayed in front of Surrey Docks Farm 


Object found on the river fence


Street signs in front of an archaic warehouse


biketour-9Crossing a construction site


‘Design Museum’ sticker found on the ground


biketour-18Crossing Tower Bridge (Nuria with a big smile waving from across the road) 

biketour-19This is what-we-all-know (no need of caption inserted) 


Stopping at the historic “The Prospect of Whitby”


biketour-22The noose “Hanging” 




Looking for the ‘Objects’ 


The alley 


This Brompton Bike is the design with a capital ‘D’. It served me well


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