When visiting Saatchi Gallery, 18th Dec

Oh wow, I wonder what will be there at Saatchi Gallery.

No I won’t google ‘Saatchi Gallery’.

May be for direction only.

Wait Russell Square? Is it where I am supposed to get off?

Of course there is no 4G signal underground.

Is this like the central?

7 minutes walking? Shouldn’t be too far.

So crowded.

Lights. Too many lights. Hanging over.

That poor building.

You are killing the Earth!

Hey she looks like Nuria.

Must be her.

That’s her!

Oh it’s like, a garden. Ace!


Woa. So. Clean.

This place is like, perfect for a formal portrait shooting photo.

Anh should be here with me. She should have come.

Oh Pop Art.


Where’s the caption?



Squares. Color block. Pastel. Mathematics.

Okay I can stop now.



I haven’t played this game since flat slim screen replaced the cube old-fashioned PC.

7 stages. Then repeated with a higher speed. It’s just a time-consuming thing we all used to do when we were 7.

Oh. Communism. I know nothing about Communism. or Socialist. Pop-art artists seem to be really keen on this kind of matter. Art and politic. Sarcasm. Makes sense.

I should research more about all kind of political-ism then.

Isn’t that a common knowledge?


 I smell Marx.

Philosophy. Religion. Reality.

Oh hello Micky Mouse. I haven’t seen you for a while.

I think I am quite conservative.


Why here?

What’s with the text?

I need a transcript for all of these.

I am feeling lost.

Art is so abstract.


Hello old friend. I think your beard has grown quite fast.

Again. I don’t get it.

I hate this ignorance.


Aren’t they just…

You guys just go ahead.

I’ll just be like staring at this for hours.

We’ll meet on the other the side.


Why are you staring at me?

Oh wait!

MJ!!! Is that you?


Nuria. I think she’s blended well into this stagnant atmosphere. Where’s time?

Oh I need to breathe.


Why all of the hatred?

I’ve learnt that it’s really stressful and exhausting to hate someone.

It’s one of the most depressing and miserable things to do.


“Have you sold your soul?”

What do you mean? Selling my soul to what? Why should I?

Wait but there isn’t any question mark.

This is not a question.

“Have you sold your soul.”

The Universe distracts me.

When will this stop?


No I do not. Who are ‘we’ ?


Are they even real? Humans?

Are they using their smartphone in there?

Hmm do they get paid for sitting and bowing like that for hours?

Wait they are definitely not humans, by any means.

And I must have been obsessed with finding a job.


Should I go and find out what’s behind the hole?

I think no.

There’s something wrong with this.

Oh I see now…


Minh will definitely be interested in this.

I should take a photo and forward it to him.

This is really interesting.

But it can be disturbing to some people.

Those middle-aged ladies over there are frowning.

They probably aren’t enjoying the show.


I knew that he would like it.

Wait now I have to go back and see who the artists are.

Oooh that sound.

Hands are beautiful.

It’s clever.


But I don’t like how they deliver the message.

Totally got the wrong idea of hands.


I love taking photos of people when they don’t notice.

Pop art. I know nothing about Pop art.

There are so many things to learn.

Time. Please be frozen.

I just want to sleep and wake up without the feeling of guilt.

What if we have more than 24 hours a day?

Would there be any difference?



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