Design Practice (Catch-up entry)

So Design Cultures has finally gotten more practical.

In this unit: Design Practice, we’ve learnt how to use almost the whole family of Adobe. Well, I can’t really say I know to get the most out of these softwares after just a few workshops but at least we had the brief introduction and are now able to perform a few small (but amazing) tricks using them.

Anyways, these softwares that we’ve learnt are (will come with one sample/my exercise/demo/practice each).

1. InDesign

(May be not this one. I really can’t remember if I had done anything using ID during the course…)

2. Illustrator


Well, technically this WIP is made up of vectors though I used my wacom instead of pen tool.

However, I do have one exercise which was created using pen tool solely.


Believe me, I didn’t even know ‘what’ daft punk was…

3. Photoshop


I’d change the color of the texts from yellow to sorta pink though I don’t have the psd file in my lap so….nvm.

And then there is Shiba the pizza delivery dog. I think i might have set the color setting to CMYK instead of RGB so the outcome’s colors aren’t very real. But then again, I don’t have the original psd file so here it is…. (Still love you to the moon and back though!)


So the deal is I normally prefer using pts for drawing to editing photo. So here’s one of my sketch from last August…


4. Premiere

We were given some footages so I was just messing around with them. If you are willing to waste 24 precious seconds of your life, go ahead and click play:

I have some other Pr-based videos in this Vimeo account as well. Fell free to check them out and I’d love to hear some feedbacks from you guys XD

Along with these Adobe softwares workshop, we also have Photography sessions. I managed to bring my camera to class ONCE before I dropped the lens and completely destroyed the focus function of it (means both Manual and Auto Focus are not working lol).

I’d love to have more Photography sessions though it ended after just three workshops. I wonder if they have film photography and dark room workshop or sort of things because I really really really want to learn how to develop my own films. Kinda regret leaving my Nikkormat Ft at home though….

Anw, I started photography quite a while ago. I’m more than happy to receive your feedback and comment on my photos from some photography-based projects that I’m currently running:


Kirakirawes Photography

People I’ve Met

Cheers XD


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