“The Feet Project” by Minh Nguyen

Learning the difficulties and imminent dangers that children in Northeast Vietnam have to face on their daily ‘trekking’ journey to school wearing flimsy ‘beehive’ rubber slippers, my friend Minh Nguyen Jr and his team have created a wonderful project called The Feet Project. The Feet Project is set out carrying a mission which is to ‘support students on their quest for education’ by ‘assisting their physical steps to school’.

My dear friends, have you ever once complained about your bus or tube being one or two minutes late? I bet you have, myself included. Knowing that those children have to walk miles on a daily basis in order to access education….Hmm I will just leave alone the moment where we find ourselves sympathetic or may be shrink back (a bit) from shame. Let’s do something more practical instead. Let’s get involved!

The Feet Project’s next ‘care packages’ distribution trip is coming soon still they’re pondering the question of “How can we support this community in a more self-sustainable way?” – which I think, is one of the most vital questions for any non-profit project. Now friends, if you have any thought, idea or suggestion, please reach out and leave TFP a message. What can we do more to help? Anything will be much appreciated. Cheers!

Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/thetrekkingstory


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