New Blog Address

Hi friends,

I’ve just changed my blog URL from to I got the old name in one of the first classes of Introduction to Study in Higher Education and obviously, I wasn’t thinking too much about it. (I just randomly inserted a name to get the blog published properly really). It’s been a wonderful year with BA Design Cultures and I am moving on to Sophomore in under a weeks (FINALLY!). Hence I think, it’s about time to get a new name. You know, new experiences, new ventures, new name!

While brainstorming for my new project with the DC ‘cutiies’ (currently known as ProjectW316 – details soon to be updated!), I came across “Entangled Curiosity”. I think it’s just simply perfect to describe whatever I’m currently writing here, as curiosity is vital and the root of everything, while entanglement, well, isn’t that the other name of Design Cultures?

So there it is! I’m very excited and happy with the new update. I hope it will always get me inspired and motivated to explore this beautiful world in the scopes of Design Cultures. Well, isn’t it where ‘entangled curiosity’ supposed to take you?



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