Collaborative Project Proposal

Unit: Design Management 2


A 2000 word report for a collaborative project working with an external partner, with bibliography and supporting visual material handed in by electronic submission.


Design Management 2 will build on the practices, methods and principles introduced in year one and further explore design management as an activity concerned with generating solutions to meet user needs and add value. This unit will deepen your understanding of design and project management principles and extend the range of research methods and skills that can be used throughout your career as a design and business professional. Design Council research highlighted the importance that designers place on collaborating with external groups, artists and professionals from other sectors to win or complete work and build business networks.

During taught sessions you will cover the following indicative topics: collaborations and informal and formal partnerships; co-design – project between client, end-user, deliverer and designer; community design/democratic design; collaborative/ cooperative design – listening, learning, communicating and creating solutions together; project management; team working; service design; research based design; and design thinking.

A few pages from my design research proposal to The KAfe

page 1page2page3page4



Initially, as a student majored in Design Management & Cultures, I was intrigued in The KAfe’s expansion to London precisely because of the variety of design opportunities the case had to offer. And as a London local, I had the advantage of being familiar to the London market and consumption scene.

Having exposed to the studies of Design Thinking and Human-centered Design, I set out to find out The KAfe’s potential design issues. However, I couldn’t manage to access their business insight. This has made me realize how different theory could be from practice in reality. In order to make the best out of collaborative opportunity, communication must be a priority, be it email, social network or words of mouth.

This research proposal, thus, is my humble attempt to design a solution through the means of research and application of multidisciplinary practices. Given how little experience in the real-world marketing research I possess and the lack of communication between me and my client – The KAfe, this proposal is created heavily based on my research analysis and prediction of what might happen in the future. As a result, it leaves plenty of room for improvement in term of accuracy, effectiveness, feasibility and vitality. To conclude, here are some suggestions of what could be done to develop this project proposal:

– Expanding scale of survey

– Adapting other research methods: quantitative, focus group, expert interview, et cetera.

– Developing character profile (includes qualitative research as a source)

– Rough prototyping

– Detailed implementation process (budget, timeline, risks, et cetera)

– User testing and feedback


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