Any Amount of Books

Located on one of the central streets of London – Charing Cross – it is not hard to notice the lovely, cozy and inviting window displays of Any Amount of Books shop when you first emerge from below the ground at Leicester Square underground tube station. Any Amount of Books is famous for its large collection of antique leather-binding books, ranged from rare – medium rare to super rare. The other collections span from non-fiction areas such as: design, architecture, history, art, psychology, philosophy, cooking to many different kinds of fiction: children, Irish fairly tale collection, contemporary children literature, you name it. What’s more, outside of the shop there will always be 4 racks of discounted books, which are at only 1£/each or 3 for 1£. Amazing isn’t it? What I love about Any Amount of Books is the cozy atmosphere mainly brought about by its vintage interiors and architecture design. Those yellow Christmas lights dangling by the windows, the little metal bell on the door and of course, not to mention that classic pungent smell of old, but well-preserved books. (However, not every old bookshop smells the same, I thought they did, but Quinto Bookshop right next door has proved me wrong). Anyway, this post is just the first of my bookshop review series. London has so many quirky, but in an exciting way, bookshops to offer so stay tuned.

Instagram: #sambookshoplist

Any Amount of Books:

56 Charing Cross Road London

WC2H 0QA England


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