Columbia Road Flower Market

Honestly, I do not know how other people do it, but I am barely making it through this hectic, crazy (yet exciting) final year. The amount of work seems to require me to stay indoor and have my eyes fixed on various kinds of flat surfaces for the least of 8 hours per day. Sometimes I just wish that I was doing another Parks & Rec marathon but unfortunately, not all screens are equally entertaining.

Being a third-year student can be very stressful. No, it IS stressful, and hence, it is important to stay both physically and mentally healthy. From going out to breathe for 15 minutes a day, practicing kendo on every Friday to release all the stresses or spending half a day out walking in one of the parks that London has to offer – those are my attempts to stay balanced. However, when it seems like even those are too much to afford, then all I have left to do, is to contemplate the  white chrysanthemum pot – a manifestation of nature that I brought back from Columbia Road Flower Market a while ago, take a deep breath and hope that all the deadlines will soon pass so I can rush back into the arms of Mother Earth.

Below are some pictures I took during my visit to Columbia Road Flower Market. Hope that you can find and acquire your own nature companion/friend/emotional supporter here.


Location:  Columbia Rd, London  E2 7RG

Opening hours:  8am-3pm Sun

How to get there: Hoxton/Shoreditch High St Overground


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