From July onward.

Update, update, update!

It’s been 5 months (Already?) since I graduated from the London College of Communication. It was hella of a ride – my 3 past years with the BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures folks. I’m glad we all manage to put whatever we’ve picked up from the course to use in our daily life – at least that’s what I heard from the last time I catched up with my course-mates. Some get on to be designer managers, some work in marketing, communications or arts; while other take a step further in their education.

As for me…

Well, I find it relatively hard to describe this transition phase – Moving back to Hanoi, adapting to a new timezone, driving in the crazy traffic and coping with the absence of parks and woodlands – all are difficult. Were. Because I’m probably used to it by now. God I hope so. I don’t want to live in denial. Been up and down – post grad crisis, pretty average, but I guess it’s fair to say I’m doing pretty okay now. In fact, I’m quiet excited and thrilled thinking about the next chapter of my life. Hints: there will be a lot more thinking and making involved in the process!


Oh what I’d be without you all.



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