The thing-to-try list, 2018.

1. ✓ Finish reading a book in less than 7 days.

2. ✓ Make a ceramic mug.

IMG_9336 Processed with VSCO with e2 preset

(I actually messed up this one and ended up making a bowl. See that blue-ish bowl in the picture? That’s the one, plus some tiles. )

3. ✓ Going to the cinema alone (Love, Simon).

4. ✗ Record a cover on guitar properly.

5. ✓ Confess to someone I like.

6. ✓ Turn off Facebook for 30 days (>4 months or something).

7. ✓ Proper mediation (10-day Vipassana course).

8. ✓ Pick up Yoga (Hatha Yoga)

9. ✗ Cook a 3-course Vietnamese meal.

10. ✗ Traveling alone.


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