A bit about me.


Hello fellow friends,

My name is Ngoc, but most people know me as Sam, Sammy, Sami or サミー. I grew up in Hanoi the lovely ancient capital of Vietnam. I’m currently in my second year at London College of Communication (University of the Arts London), purchasing a BA degree in  Design Management & Cultures.  I love Kendo, volunteering, reading, hiking in the woods, contemplating the moon, taking picture of friends when they don’t notice, sleeping and having a good conversation.

At the moment, I’m doing attempting to:

– Write, anything, for (at least) 15 minutes per day.

Get an ippon in an actual kendo match.

– Travel as much as possible.

Reach me at: 

Email: kirakirawes@gmail.com

Website: http://www.entangledcuriosity.com

Or visit my projects:

Kirakirawes Photography

People I’ve Met

Inside Out Vietnam

Thank you for stopping by!

Header photo: Tozando Kendo equipment shop in Kyoto, May 2013.

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